ire extinguisher 3 kg dry powder, rating 13A 89B C, it has discharge nozzle, wall support bracket, paint red, endorsed and accredited by Industria.

  • Use: A, B and C class fires, electric fires until 50.000 V.
  • Advantages: It’s ideal for use on household and work. Non-toxic. It doesn’t conduct electricity. It’s resistant to high temperature.
  • Cautions: Do not use on class F fire (vegetable/animal oil) and D (metal fires).
  • Rating: 13A 89B C
  • Height: 480 MM
  • Diameter: 130 MM
  • Capacity: 3 KG dry powder ABC
  • Extinguishing agent: Powder ABC
  • Propelled agent: Nitrogen
  • Filled weight: 5 KG
  • Quality certificate: Quality standard ISO 9001. Endorsed by Industria.
  • Legislation: Guideline 97/23/CE

Fire extinguisher 3 kg dry powder

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